Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Development Studies 112 speech this Friday

Ricaforte - Lying in and maternity clinics
Ramos C - Old old
Lumibao - One Child Policy
Ignacio - Contraceptive perception and use among various religions
Hermogenes - Filipino demographers
Francisco - Costs of child rearing
Ramos P - Financing population programs

Zubiri - politics of forced sterilization
Siapo - prophets of boom vs prophets of boom
Sese - Philippine population pyramid
Reyes - population economics
Quinto - politics of breastfeeding
Policarpio - maternity and paternity leaves
Nombrado - Why women live longer than men

Research well and adopt triangulation technique.
Present the ideas in a more understandable and interesting manner.
Consider the 3Ms in speech communication/debating
Limit the speech to 6 minutes.
Deliver the speech in Filipino or English.
Wear black.
Rehearse your presentation very well.
Use your speech guide sparingly.