Tuesday, February 04, 2014

DSS Week 2014

Forum on Landgrabbing in the Philippines and Asia organized by NNARA Youth and Prof Legaspi - Monday
Forum on The Philippines and the Big Powers featuring Prof Simbulan organized by the DS Seniors - Tuesday
Forum on Democratic People's Republic of Korea organized by Prof Mesina  - Thursday
Bahaginan: DevStud Career Orientation organized by DevSoc - Thursday
Maritime Issues Photo Booth by DevStud NSTP - Weeklong
Development and Society Magazine Exhibit by DevStud 100* - Weeklong
Third World Health Magazine Exhibit by DevStud 112** - Weeklong
Tikab-tikab Shell Craft Exhibit and Fundraising*** by DevStud NSTP - Weeklong
Iglap-dula by Diwang Palaboy

*with students from BA BehSci
**with students from BA AreaStud and BA PolSci
***proceeds will be used to buy vegetable seeds for the indigenous people