Friday, March 07, 2014

DS 112 marubdob board game

Travel health (Baco, Reyes)
LGBT health (Bagalayos, Betito)
Health of the security sector (Festin, Franco)
Population health (Bata, Zubiri)
Adolescent health (Pajinag, Dumalaog)
Infant health (Ramirez, Pinoy)
Elderly health (Dador, Monzon)
Patient care (Lumbang, Esquivel)
Migrant's health (Del Rosario, Nacario)
Prison health (Sese, Senson)
Health of the immunocompromised (Jayag, Carpon)
Sports medicine (Dela Cruz)
Health psychology (Janer, Acosta)
Health of the farm workers (Siapo, Quinto)
Health of the care workers (Policarpio, Galgo)
Health of the nuclear workers (Guiang, Magday)

NOTE: Third world context, start to finish, 12 enabling conditions, 12 disabling conditions, research well, layout/draw well, observe parallelism (start with a verb or noun), use a combination of text and logo/symbol, short or long bond paper, landscape, submission: This Tuesday