Wednesday, September 03, 2014


I will not hold classes this Friday (September 5) as I am still down with fever and sore throat.

Development Studies seniors in Econ 115, DS 126 and DS 199.1 classes, please continue working on your Praxis AVPs and other practicon deliverables.  E-mail your synopsis and revised AVP poster.

Development Studies 121 students, please submit your poverty-related disease sociological cartoon tomorrow. Ms. Lopez, kindly collect their outputs, put them in a sealed envelope, and place them atop my cubicle.

Political Science and Organizational Communication students in my DS 126 class, submit a contemplative essay about the role of "visual sociology and visual ethnography in subaltern studies" thru e-mail on or before Saturday noon.

Kindly inform the rest.

Salamat sa pang-unawa.