Friday, September 26, 2014

Development Studies Week deliverables this Tuesday

DS 121 - revised socio-economic diorama concept proposal; mobile photobooth poster layout
DS 121 - concept map by pair about your chosen Third World socio-economic issue
Bianca Luna - revised National Anthem AVP
Madam Magsino - revised excuse letters for the Development Studies Week
NSTP - memorized and rehearsed progressive songs
Econ 115 - praxis exhibit captions
Econ 115 - updated proposed artifacts and panel designs
Econ 115 - revised and improved AVPs
Pau Guiyab - revised praxis exhibit opening speech
Madam Magsino - revised calendar of activities announcement
Bianca Aljibe - revised Praxis practicon poster
Trishia Franco - revised EDCA forum script
Jude Saqueton - revised Praxis RTR script
Quezon Team - revised AVP poster
Tatak DEVSTUD teams - corporate-led globalization speech submission
Patty Basco - Tuesday schedule of AVP screening
Patty Basco - revised Ibon Bookshop invitation
Trishia Franco - update regarding the EDCA forum
Madam Julio - revised Women and EDCA poster
Pau Guiyab - update regarding the Minggan forum
Jen Serrano - memorized and rehearsed progressive songs
Raine Jayag - memorized and rehearsed progressive songs
Dianna Lopez - memorized and rehearsed progressive songs
Festin Regime - Tatak DEVSTUD opening remarks
Madam Magsino - revised Tatak DEVSTUD mechanics
Magneto - validation of quiz bee questions
Madam Julio - Globalization Debate poster
Bianca Luna - print out of CAS faculty M-F schedule
Josh Bata - pasalubong (Mabuhay ka!)