Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DS 121 box diorama exhibit (updated)

This is an output by pair.  Choose one from the list below and  avoid duplication. Ms. Villarda will coordinate to ensure this.  Based on your preliminary online and library research, submit a drawing of your proposed shoebox diorama that depicts the nature and extent of your pair's chosen socio-economic problem. Our due date for this proposal is on Friday.  Please see online samples of box diorama.  I will also email to Ms. Villarda some good designs that we can adopt.  Once approved, your final output will be featured in the Development Studies Week exhibit.
Topic list:
- Water plunder by Coca-cola in India
- Killer highways in Africa
- E-waste capital in China
- Coal mining in the Philippines
- Water poverty in Africa
- Poverty tourism in Brazil
- "Sahod-lampin" in the Philippines
- Toy factory in China
- Charity wards in the Philippines
- TNC agro-food complex in Asia
- Sakadas in the Philippines
- Latifundios in Latin America
- Pesticide aerial spraying in Mindanao
- Diabesity epidemic in Asia
- "Chemicalization of agriculture"
- Peasant landmine victims in Cambodia
- Formula milk's adverse impact on African infants' health
- Bakwet IPs in the Philippines