Thursday, September 04, 2014


Econ 115 - Continue working on your video-documentaries about rural political economy

DS 121 - Read the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act
Prepare well for the NSTP-DS 121 SONA critique presentation (see previous post)
Study  the "conflict and disease" reading list
Conceptualize well for the optional visual studies output (see previous post)

DS 126 - PS and OrCom: Submit a contemplative essay about the role of "visual sociology and visual ethnography in subaltern studies" thru e-mail on or before Saturday noon.

DS 199.1 - Visit the following sites for possible literature review:
Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies
Philippine Journal of Public Administration
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Senate Economic Planning Office Publications
Legislative Budget Research and Monitoring Office Publications (Senate)
Senate Tax Study-Research Office Publications (Senate)
Monthly Review
New Left Review
UP Manila Journal
Acta Medica
Third World Resurgence
Philippine Journal of Development
Ibon Facts and Figures
Institute of Political Economy Ibon (Primers and Policy Briefs)

NSTP CWTS - Per group, submit a concept proposal for your collaborative socio-political MTV on or before Tuesday next week thru e-mail ( - see previous post
Prepare well for the NSTP-DS 121 SONA critique presentation
Continue practicing the three assigned titles for sabayang awit 
Continue studying the rethinking development and Filipino working class articles