Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Agenda for Friday (updated)

DS 100 - 3rd long test (coverage: globalization and the culture of capitalism, rethinking development, devstud reviewers with plus 3 and 4 ratings only, previous lectures, current events); submission of the 2nd set of reviewers (see previous post)

DS 112 - manila paper inforgraphics by pair - focus on the Philippine context and use concepts in  human geography and development anthropology (urban militarization, save water in Indang movement, Dumagat bakwets, Baguio garbage crisis, perils of river quarrying, issues and problems with NIPAS,  sociology of place naming, Tinapa festival, protest actions against cell tower construction, "imagined community", ARMM, poorest province, Sagada, dirtiest river, IP community with the highest incidence of suicide, pakikibaka ng mga manininda sa UPD, broken window theory, sociology of "haunted houses", cultural geography of Padre Faura, corruption in relief operations, Walang Rape sa Bontok")

Econ 116 - individual news casting about the Thailand tourism sector; dagli about a tourism policy in any Asian country (no duplication of topic)

DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables and consultation