Friday, February 06, 2015

DS 100 (updated)

Guide questions
1.  Dependency theory provides us a critical perspective in analyzing the global North-South relations but it can also be adopted to explain local political-economic realities. In view of such, how can this theory be applied in the context of the Philippine local experience (e.g.  "internal colonialism", "Manila imperialism", "Luzon imperialism")
2.  Differentiate monoeconomics from Buddhist economics. What can the Philippines derive from the Buddhist economic model to make the country's development agenda equitable and sustainable?
3. What are the main ideas put forward by Andre Gunder Frank's Development of Underdevelopment? Apply this in the context of the Philippine colonial and neocolonial experience.
4. What are the features of the so-called Aquinomics and what development theories characterize/influence this approach in running the Philippine economic affairs.

Write your answers in your note pad.