Monday, February 23, 2015

Econ 116 (part 1 on tourism political economy)

Out of the four sets of dagli submissions under tourism political economy, the following outputs qualified for inclusion in our book project:
Pop tourism by AMF Calpatura
Si Geena at ang kanyang paglipad ni DD Reyes
Ang paglalayag ng mga sanggol ni PAO Basco
Ang pormula ni DNS Magsino
My love from another country ni MMB Mamaril
Ang aking dating bayan ni FCG Dumalaog
Suicide ni KA Pajinag
Bihasa ni JJB Ledesma

Please e-mail a copy to Ms Magsino for preliminary editing.
The next set of dagli tasks will be about health political economy in Asia.  
Stand by for subsequent topic assignment.
Let us continue adding pages to our dagli compilation.