Friday, February 13, 2015

Falk forum tasking

Charles - Please email the revised poster to Pau Guiyab and kindly print two copies.
Charles - Please remind me of the video documentary that we will show before the start of the forum.
Charles - Please save and consolidate in your laptop the Lupang Hirirang AVP and revised poster and, once edited and approved, also the two song PPTs of Trysh and Migs.
Trysh - Please ensure that you have a back up of all the revised e-files.
Monmon, Steven, Trysh, Carlo and John P hihi - Please take charge of the photo and video documentation.
Pau Guiyab - Please update the invitation and include the revised poster.
Jeca and Bill - Please rehearse the emcee script.
Diane and Jen - Please memorize and rehearse your chosen protest songs and prepare your outfits.
Madam Buan and Madam Novilla - Please manage the schedule of your artist harhar
Trysh - Please e-mail your song PPT tomorrow morning
Migs - Please e-mail  your song PPT tomorrow morning
Carlo, Migs and Patis - Please memorize and rehearse the RTR script and start your RTR on Monday and continue it on Tuesday.
Yana - Please start rehearsing your presentation.
Pau Guiyab - Please e-mail the certificate of appreciation and remind me about my token of appreciation for Prof Falk.
Pau A - Please rehearse your iglap-dula.