Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reminders (updated)

DS 100 and DS 112 - Students whose reviewers earned 3 points or higher must provide their classmates with e-copies by posting the materials on their respective FB groups.  Start studying them in preparation for a long exam. Please do not forget to also send me a copy (

DS 100 - Text me the membership list of your study group and the group's assigned facilitator.

DS 100 - Read about "bourgeois vs progressive media" in preparation for a workshop this Tuesday on "alternative media as propaganda" featuring Ms Alyssa Suico presented by KPL as part of the UPMF  line-up of activities.

DS 112 - Read about Mao's perspective on culture in preparation for a workshop this Tuesday on "Philippine culture situationer" featuring Mr Michael Beltran presented by Karatula as part of the UPMF line-up of activities

Econ 116 - Attend the public forum entitled "ENDO: Kontraktwalisasyon sa Pampublikong Sektor" this Tuesday from 8:30 am to 11 am at the CAS LT.  Depending on the number of actual presentors, submit a corresponding number of concept maps.
It is very important that you attend this forum because of the following reasons:
- complements your previous/present labor law class under Profs Wacnang/Baguilat
- prepares us for the political economy of labor portion of Econ 116
- empowers you against various forms of labor rights violations in the future
We will also push through with our Econ 116 show and tell session later in the afternoon.