Monday, February 02, 2015


DS 100 - Apply each of the key terms and concepts covered in the "Globalization and the Culture of Capitalism" in the context of the Philippine past/contemporary experience. Submit also your editorial cartoons.

DS 112 - Draw the map of your poblacion's/city proper's intersection and its environs. In an essay format, identify and discuss the dominant forces, themes, and discourses that influence the area's human geography (economic, political and socio-cultural). Submit also your Cavite infographics.

Econ 116 - Define 10 unfamiliar concepts in Macroeconomics and 10 unfamiliar concepts in Microeconomics, and apply each in the context of the Philippine tourism industry.

Thesis - Draft 25 additional interview questions for your KII, and submit your testimonio note taking and thesis deliverables.