Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DS 112 AVP project (updated)

Send your letter of interview request and questionnaire to your prospective resource person (email and hand-carry).
Set and agree on an interview schedule.
Set an appropriate venue (preferably within the campus please).
Observe proper decorum in the interview process.
Document the entire interview (video-audio-photo documentation).
Check the condition of your documentation equipment.
Ensure the clarity of the video-audio-photo documentation.
Edit the video and provide subtitles.
Indicate the profile of the resource person.
Think of an appropriate title.
Provide separators or transitions between the series of qestions in the edited video.
Include appropriate photo insets and/or video footages.
Double check the spelling in your subtitles.
Show your team photo together with your resource person.
Bear in mind that the objective of this class project is to develop a critical, up-to-date, insightful and effective resource material about health and social change.
Limit the edited video to 25-30 minutes only.