Saturday, May 09, 2015

DS 100 flip chart presentation on labor

Topic: Labor in the extractive, manufacturing and service industries
- Retrieve your visual aids from Ms Mojica on Monday. These materials are placed atop my DSS cubicle. She will take charge in the distribution. No visual aids, no presentation.
- Study your topic very well.
- Rehearse your presentation.
- Limit the presentation to 10-15 minutes only.
- Know your audience/listeners by referring to the list which I provided.  Your audience/listeners come from various year levels in the Development Studies Program.
- Set a schedule that is amenable to you and your listeners (common vacant period, separate presentation per listener).
- Set the venue in the CAS library.
Introduce yourself to your audience/listeners properly.
- Be an effective, creative and engaging discussant in your presentation.
- Bring artifacts to complement your hand-drawn visual aids.
- Provide  hand-written and hand-drawn bookmarks as token of appreciation to your listeners.
- Prepare well for possible questions.
- You have until Friday to accomplish this task.

DS Freshies, Juniors and Seniors, please send me your numerical rating (UP grading scale) and qualitative  remarks about the presentation through text.