Friday, May 01, 2015

NSTP group project (updated)

1. Project title: Sinemulat
Objective: enrich the film collection in the CAS library and promote critical film appreciation and analysis
Download five short films with social relevance.
Choose local and/or foreign films, preferably with subtitles.
Observe the no duplication of title policy.
Save the file in a CD (separate CD per film).
Submit with accompanying front cover of the film's poster and back cover of the film's synopsis.

In partnership with the CAS library, we envision to conduct a regular Sinemulat ACLE next semester in the library's audio-visual room which will feature discussions about critical analysis of short films with socio-political content. 

2. Project title: Ecohealth
Objective: promote environment health literacy in the CAS campus through mass distribution.
Produce five environmental health brochures (accordion format, English).
Observe the no duplication of topic policy.
Use five minimum references per brochure.
Print one copy per brochure.

Form a group with five responsible members.
Observe the no duplication of topic policy within your group and among the groups.
Ensure that each member of your group contributes to both film and brochure outputs.
Due date: May 8 (Friday, 11:30 am sharp)