Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What is your Christmas wish? (Batch 2)

discernment (non-material)/ ube halaya (material) - Mr E. Medina
chocolate - Mr Legazpi
kuryente (para po sa aming nabagyo ni Nona) - Ms Virtucio
planner (at matitinong plano para sa 2016) - Ms Magsino
Good health - Ms Domagsang
Continuity/padayon - Ms C Rodriguez
KR (foreigner if possible) - Mr Naco
Serenity - Ms C. Surat
Books - Mr Engay
Abs - Ms Lopez
Courage - Ms Manio
Macpro - Ms M Buenaventura
Hope - Mr Santos
Peace - Ms Marin
Security - Mr J. Sese
Special someone - Ms Munoz
Sablay - Mr Babat
Passion (similar to the level I have during my UP undergrad years) - Ms D. Reyes