Saturday, January 09, 2016

Social analysis

What theory or concept in Social Science do you think is useful in analyzing Philippine social realities?

- "Structuralism. It allows us to understand social dynamics by looking at the underlying patterns in terms of social facts and social status that prevail in the society." - Ms Mahusay, DS freshie

- "Karl Marx's dialectical materialism and his anaysis of capitalist development" - Ms Nuestro, DS freshie

- "Theory of Marxism because the conflict between social classes is very evident in the Philippine society" - Ms Banga, DS freshie

-  "The ideas that capitalists tend to focus on productivity and profit generation thereby bringing about alienation among their workers (theory of alienation)  and that existing social structures can shape agency and the other way around (structuration theory). - Ms Caballero, DS freshie

- "Agents of socialization. Agents of socialization such as family, church, media, and government have profound influence in shaping individual character and, by extension, they can also determine the development or underdevelopment of the country." - Mr Bruel, DS freshie