Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tips for Development Studies freshies (How to be tatak UP)

Be a good listener and notetaker.
Compare notes with your classmates for double checking of entries.
Come to class prepared.

Develop your presentation skills to different kinds of audience.
Be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.
Read and analyze news articles and social commentaries.
Read in order to learn new information and various writing styles.
Maximize the available library resources.
Browse materials at the Solidaridad bookshop.

Keep a portfolio of your outputs for self-evaluation. See if there is remarkable improvement over time.
Triangulate your sources.
Know your professors and their pedagogy.
Attend class regularly.
Join socially relevant organizations.

Resist mema culture (memaipasa lang).
Remember that creativity is as important as literacy.
Resist procrastination.
Edit your outputs. Ask others to edit it as well.
Understand the concept of multiple intelligences.
Comprehend the Bloom's taxonomy of learning domains.
Be observant and pay keen attention to details.
Apply theory into practice.
Seek help and advise from upperclass Development Studies majors and alumni.  They have been there and have done that, so to speak.
Adopt critical perspectives in social analysis.
Be able to establish and understand the interconnections of social issues.
Compile and compose protest song, protest poetry, protest cartoon and other forms of protest art.
Start a photo bank about economy, politics, environment and culture.
Set a career plan and take GEs/cognates/electives that will contribute to your career objectives.
Confer and discuss with your professors and peers about contemporary social issues.
Develop the skill of asking questions.
Mentor other students.
Develop your leadership skills.
Conduct ethnographies.
Learn the skill of "laymanizing" complex concepts in order to make education relevant to the majority.

Learn from your experience during the previous semester.
Visit jk22b.blogspot.com regularly. hihi
Use your knowledge and skills to serve the people.

As Iskolar ng Bayan, we should contribute to the liberation and development of the Filipino masses, not in their continued oppression and subordination.

Stay in the Development Studies Program and be an active part of social change.