Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4-5

  • Econ 115 (M) = screening of the revised Praksis AVPs; discussion and quiz on banking 101
  • DS 123 (M) = screening of the revised Praksis AVPs; discussion on patient-provider relation; (Baltazar and Ingeniero reporting postponed)
  • DS 121 (M) = reporting on the common problems encountered by NSO in conducting poverty surveys (Arboleda) and the political economy of Mang Pandoy (Reyes and Soriano)
  • DS 126 (M) = reporting on P-Noy's net satisfaction, approval and trust ratings: a critical assessment (Bangug) and P-Noy's Profile (Baladad)
  • NSTP 1 (M) = submission of the Development Studies international curriculum note taking; continuation of the discussion about the Philippine education situationer
  • DS 127a (M) = reporting on the public health concerns involving the use of water leisure facilities (Manguera) and the political economy of golf tourism (Agan); submission of the water studies AVP questionnaire, list of sources and resource person's/agency's brief profile
  • DS 127b (M) = reporting on local bangus (Cana) and tilapia industry industry situationers (Castillo)
  • Econ 151 (M) = long exam covering the news articles posted at; reporting on sin taxes (Bejasa)