Saturday, June 25, 2011

Agenda June 30 (Th) to July 1 (Fr)

  • Econ 115 (Th) = lecture on Philippine service sector (banking is rescheduled next session); submission of the Praksis 2011 AVPs; formulation of the Praksis 2011 program in consultation with the class

  • DS 123 (Th) = lecture on patient-provider relation; reporting by Baltazar and Ingeniero on Galvez-Tan's "Portrait of the Doctor as Filipino"

  • DS 121 (Th) = lecture on poverty research; reporting by Arboleda on Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES)

  • DS 126 (Th) = lecture on the Presidency and the Press; reporting by Bangug on "P-Noy's net satisfaction, approval and trust ratings: a critical assessment"

  • NSTP (F) = submission of the reaction paper and outline; Be ready to report some portions of the Bulalat and Palatino articles in class

  • DS 127-A (F) = lecture on water management: an introduction; reporting by De Guzman on the political economy of water and leisure

  • DS 127-B (F) = lecture on water management: an introduction; reporting by Caballes on water politics; presentation of the consolidated water-related photos by Atienza

  • Econ 151 (F) = discussion on Tullao's "Utang na Panlabas" and "Buwis Bilang Sakripisyo", and NSCB's tax glossary; reporting on Kim Henares' profile by Santos