Sunday, May 27, 2012

Course highlights

DS 121 (Study of Philippine Underdevelopment)

Poverty concepts and theories
Poverty research
Poverty situationer by sector and region
Globalization of poverty
Anti-poverty programs of the government, business sector, civil society groups, and international organizations

DS 123 (Filipino Health and Society)
Health concepts and theories
Social health research
Health laws and institutions
Health situationer by sector and region
Health activism and health social movements

DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior)
Aquino watch
Legislating (under)development
Comparative local government
Organizational politics and administrative culture
Human resource development in the public sector
Election studies

DS 127 (Physical and Natural Environment and Development)
Political economy of food and agriculture
Political economy of environmental health
Political economy of human settlement
Political economy of disaster management
Political economy of sustainability

Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History)
Banking history and trends
Investing history and trends
Marketing history and trends
Retailing history and trends
Franchising history and trends

NSTP 1 (Education and Development)

Critical pedagogy
Sociology and Economics of education
Philippine education situationer
Comparative education
Globalization of education