Sunday, May 27, 2012

BA Development Studies Briefer

Development Studies defined
Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study that includes an understanding of the economic, political, social, technological and cultural aspects of social change especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. It contributes to policy-making by seeking solutions and strategies to address problems and obstacles to genuine human development. These issues are examined within a historical, comparative and international perspective, taking into account the countries' specific circumstances, history and culture (Simbulan, 2009).

Subjects in the curriculum include general education, foundations in Social Sciences, Politics and Governance, Economics of Development, Philippine Political Economy, International Political Economy, Project Planning and Management, Human Resource Development, and Development Research.  These subjects are handled with the use of various learning strategies such as lecture-discussion, public fora, field work, and cultural presentation, among others.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the course can find employment in government agencies or in international and local organizations which are concerned with development.  Examples of the employment possibilities for graduates are development research (e.g. NEDA, PIDS, IBON), policy formulation (Congress), project planning and implementation (UN, ADB), foreign service (DFA, FSO, CFO), banking and finance, media, and managerial positions dealing with development and community work (KMP, LGUs).  Graduates can also proceed to a career in law or join the teaching profession.

The Development Studies Program currently has five (5) full-time and six (6) part-time faculty members in its roster.

The faculty members of the degree program have multidisciplinary background which is instrumental in providing the students with a holistic perspective in theorizing and practicing development work. 

Prof. Roland Simbulan (Master in Public Administration - New York Univ)
Prof. Chester Arcilla (Doctor in Sociology - UP, ongoing)
Prof. Allan Joseph Mesina (Master in Environment Management and Development, Australia Nat'l Univ)
Prof. Ruth Shane Erive-Legaspi (Master in Business Administration - DLSU, ongoing)
Dr. Edberto Villegas (Doctor in Public Administration, UP)
Dr. Leothiny Clavel (Doctor in Philippine Studies, UP)
Prof. Silver Sevilla (Master in Economics units, UP)
Atty. Karol Sarah Baguilat (Bachelor of Laws, UST)
Atty. Mia Zorayda Wacnang (Jurisdoctor, Ateneo de Manila Univ)
Prof. Jeremy De Jesus (Master in Statistics - UP, ongoing)
Prof. John Ponsaran (Master in Public Management, UP)

PracticumThe Practicum Program is a 6-unit course which involves  6-weeks of community immersion and organizing in marginalized rural communities.  It draw its strength from the sustained and dynamic partnership with mass-based people's organization in various peasant, fisherfolk and indigenous people communities.  It is guided by the paradigm that the dialectical interaction between the academe and the communties is critical to pro-people, nationalist and scientific development work and scholarship.