Monday, May 28, 2012


  • I have a scheduled lecture series to a group of teachers this week about Education and Social Change (Tuesday), and Creative Approaches to Cooperative Learning (Wednesday). I hope it will turn out to be a dynamic learning experience for me and the participants.
  • My teaching load this semester in UP covers six different but interrelated subjects (see previous post). And as part of my continued effort to discover unconventional learning approaches, I will re-institute the system of cross-reporting wherein students are assigned to report to another section or year level. The first attempt was carried out by the group of Padilla, Domagsang and Ciriaco while the second one was executed by the tandem of Bumanglang and Somera. Both groups covered financial literacy as subject matter.
  • Through text and e-mail, I consulted several DSS alumni about the set of specific job skills that they want to be incorporated/reinforced in the training of students. Here's the partial list:
-effective presentation, business plan writing, 5S (Ms. Reburiano)
-tariff analysis, position paper writing (Ms. Caranto)
-informative but laymanized newsletter writing (Mr. Tenorio)
-mock interviews (Ms. Bejasa)
-professional business correspondence writing, voice workshop (Ms. Gagarin)
-international business ethics, financial literacy (Ms. E. Buenaventura)
-forum organizing (Ms. Tayag)
-incident report writing (Mr. Mateo)
-round table discussion (Ms. Morano)
-briefer writing (Ms. M. Flores)
-focus group discussion, facilitating public fora (Ms. Galang)