Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 22 agenda

  • NSTP = brief presentation by each student about his/her individual research on education/education studies/sociology of education; integration paper submission
  • DS 127 = long test
    -Listen online to the song Big Yellow Taxi
    -Read the article Accounting for Natural Wealth by Katy Daigle
    -Visit the Center for Environmental Concerns website
    -Review my previous lectures (last 2 sessions)
  • DS 126 = brief reporting with hand-outs (1/4 sheet of bond paper, front page only, font size 7) about the biographies of P-Noy (Carlos), VP Binay (Somera), SP JPE (Medidas), Speaker Belmonte (Rojales)
  • DS 123 = medicalization of health and sociological perspectives about health; health advisory submission (kidney care)