Saturday, June 23, 2012

Agenda June 26-27

• NSTP = 1st ACLE on politics of education
• DS 127 = eco-cosplay on politics of ethnobotany
Julia Buttefly Hill
Firefly Brigade
Dr. Leonard Co
Plant imperialism
Forest ranger
Centennial tree
Neem tree activist
With opening and closing remarks about politics of illegal logging, total log ban and selective logging
• DS 126 = lecture on Philippine presidency and governance; long test about current events
• DS 123 = health advisory submission (psycho-social health); ACLE
• Econ 115 = Unemployment issues, dimensions and analyses
• DS 121 = individual presentation
Pinlac (educational poverty)
Pondoyo (food poverty)
Carrasco (poorism)
Valero (time poverty)
Bagtas (human dimension of poverty)
Militante (culture of poverty)
Azarcon (gender dimension of poverty)
Ramirez (psychology of poverty)
Pormento (chronic poverty)
Factor (planned poverty)
Estole (globalization of poverty)
Malabanan (indigenous concept of poverty)
Bangug (language of poverty)
Lanuza (politics of poverty)