Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DevStud Course Offerings (2nd sem, 2012-2013)

Development Studies Program Course Offerings

2nd semester, 2012-2012

Development Studies
DS 100 (Development Theories and Models)
DS 112 (Third World Development)
DS 122 (Philippine Development Strategies)
DS 152 (Program Implementation and Project Management)
DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior)
DS 128 (Human Resource Development)

Econ 11 (Introductory Economics)
Econ 101 (Macroeconomics)
Econ 102 (Microeconomics)
Econ 109 (History of Economic Thought)
Econ 116 (Economies of Asia)
Econ 141 (International Trade)
Econ 151 (Government Finance)
Econ 191 (Development Economics)

Social Sciences
SocSci 192 (Statistics in the Social Sciences)