Saturday, August 04, 2012

August 10 (Friday) - UPDATED

NSTP = lecture on synthetic culture and underdevelopment; submit your own editorial cartoon about hyperreality with a short write-up at the back page
DS 127 = long test, graded recitation and LPS (Mag-aral mabuti)
-Panggugubat o Pangungulimbat: Ang Agham Paggugubat sa Kritikal na Pagsusuring Pang-uri, Pangkasarian at Kultural ni Antonio Contreras
-Rethinking Subsistence through Cultural Economies of Indigenous Peoples: Some Sustainability Insights from Anthropology by Levita Duhaylungsod
-Ang Papel ng Pamayanan sa Kordilyera sa Pagsagip ng Likas na Yaman ni Rowena Reyes-Boquiren
-Cordillera Activism cuecards (all DS 127 students)
DS 126 = lecture on policy studies; test on current events
DS 123 = Philippine health situationer: an overview

August 15 (Wed)
Econ 115 = banking history and trends: an overview
DS 121 = reporting by pair; test on current events
-poverty among Filipino prisoners
-poverty among Filipino government employees
-poverty among Filipino soldiers and law enforcers
-poverty among Filipino senior citizens
-poverty among the LGBT sector in the Philippines
-poverty among perya workers