Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 14-15 (T, W)

  • NSTP = listening session (protest songs by Gary Granada, Joey Ayala, Pol Galang, etc.)
  • DS 127 = armchair exhibit about the political economy of food and nutrition
    opening remarks: Sigue (political economy of food)
    closing remarks: Pilarta (political economy of nutrition)
    banner: Masesar and friends
  • DS 126 = long exam* and group report** (Castillo, Soriano, Arboleda, Plares, Palomares)
    *exam coverage
    Public Policy and the Role of Government by Prof. Romeo Ocampo
    Human Rights and Policy-Making by Atty. Carlos Medina
    Anti-Red Tape Law Q&A by Local Government Academy
    The Political Economy of Medical Tourism: Philippine Case by Prof. John Ponsaran
    alternative policy recommendations by progressive party lists
  • DS 123 = long test - essay (Chapter 5: Philippine Health System, Chronically Ill, 2008) and individual reporting about selected Michael Tan articles about wellness, health and illness (Balingit, Bumanglag, De Leon)
  • Econ 115 = banking history and trends: an overview
  • DS 121 = reporting by pair; test (coverage: current events and previous lessons)
    reporting topics
    -poverty among Filipino prisoners
    -poverty among Filipino government employees
    -poverty among Filipino soldiers and law enforcers
    -poverty among Filipino senior citizens
    -poverty among the LGBT sector in the Philippines
    -poverty among perya workers

    Paalala: Patuloy na mag-ambag sa donasyong tinitipon ng Tulong Kabataan para sa mga nasalanta.