Tuesday, July 03, 2012

DS 127 Forestry mini-exhibit

  • Agroforestry in the Philippines (Abrenica, Alcaide*, Alejo)
  • Impact of climate change to Philippine forests (Arboneda*, Babat, Balingit)
  • Deforestation in the Philippines (Buenaventura, Bunao, Dabalos*)
  • Rubber tree plantations in the Philippines (Del Rosario, Diestro, Doctor*)
  • Social forestry in the Philippines (Garino, Garvida, Gavino*)
  • Use of confiscated illegal logs as raw materials for arm chair production
    (Guzman, Lucas, Macalalag*)
  • Forest fires in the Philippines (Maguad, Manalo, Masesar*)
  • Cocolumber industry in the Philippines (Obleno, Orlanda*, Pilarta)
  • DENR’s Bureau of Forest Management (Raymundo, Renticruz, K. Reyes*)
  • UPLB’s BS Forestry Program (R. Reyes*, Rumbaoa, Senson)
  • Bamboo forests in the Philippines (Sese, Sigue*, Soriano)
  • Illegal logging syndicates in the Philippines (Velasco*, Villarin, Yap)

Instruction: Prepare a multi-level sentence outline of relevant information about the topic assigned to your group. Use a minimum of 5 sources. Use a manila paper (limit it to 1 ½ sheets only) and write legibly. Subject to my approval (please communicate it thru text as soon as possible), bring an item or a photo that will best represent your topic. The students with marked asterisks in the list above are assigned to briefly introduce their topic and discuss the highlights of their write-up (2 minutes only). Each group should also feature one eco-bookmark with a quote pertinent to their topic. If possible, wear any shade of green.