Sunday, October 07, 2012

Oct 9 (T), 10 (W), 12 (F)

  • NSTP (T) - teambuilding, reflection paper submission
  • DS 127 (T) - FINAL EXAM, project and outline submission, self-assessment submission
  • DS 126 (T) - last batch of instructional video screening, party-list manifesto submission
  • DS 123 (T) - recitation about the psycho-social intervention in disaster management (continuation) and health advocacies of Dr. Perla Santos-Ocampo
  • Econ 115 (W) - last batch of instructional video screening, FINAL EXAM (opinion columns about the Philippine economy)
  • DS 121 (W) - FINAL EXAM (extemporaneous speech, coverage: 90 critical articles), poetry reading (Filipino, 5 stanzas with four lines each, print 2 copies)
    TASKING (Consider the following in writing your material - Define the concept/advocacy/program, Relate the topic to poverty reduction, Adopt a critical perspective)
    Azarcon (Hernando De Soto)
    Bagtas (One Town, One Product - OTOP)
    Bangug (Balik-Probinsiya Program)
    Carrasco (Ubuntu philosophy)
    Estole (Peace zones)
    Factor (Riverine economy)
    Lanuza (Decongesting Metro Manila)
    Malabanan (On-site evacuation program)
    Militante (Sustainable urbanization)
    Pinlac (OFW reintegration program)
    Pormento (Small is beautiful by E.F. Schumacher)
    Ramirez (Community currency)
    Valero (Formalization of the informal sector)

  • NSTP (F) - Cultural presentation
  • DS 127 (F) - Teambuilding
  • DS 126 (F) - FINAL EXAM (Campaining to Win, election cosplay hand-outs, AVPs)
  • DS 123 (F) - Integration