Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ponsaran's academic load next sem

  • DS 100 (Development Theories and Approaches)
    Introduction to Development Studies
    Development theories
    Development ethics
    Development indicators
    Development institutions
    Development policies and issues
  • DS 112 (Third World Studies)Coverage:
    Political economy of population health
    Political economy of international migration
    Political economy of industrialization and deindustrialization
    Political economy of cultural geography
    Political economy of international relations (South-South, South-North)
    Political economy of community development
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture with emphasis on health systems)Coverage:
    Philippine health systems
    Filipino health culture
    Filipino health consumers
    Health laws
    Globalization of health
    Health activism
  • NSTP (Urban Studies)Coverage:
    Theories of urban growth
    Urban environment and demography
    Urban political economy
    Urban culture
    Urban issues and problems
    Alternative urban programs and strategies (application)