Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Master of Management (Task #1 - 200 points)

Answer the following questions using the concepts and principles discussed in the assigned reading materials in class.  Most of the questions also require additional research. Use reputable sources and observe proper citation.  I also encourage you to use the CAS library in accomplishing this task. Submit your output thru e-mail ( on or before November 28.
  1. Apply the concepts and principles in Microeconomics in analyzing the demand and supply of the following products and services in the Philippines: a. brown rice, b. biofuel, c. meteorologist, d. retail treasury bill (40 points)
  2. Define monopsony.  Cite an illustrative case in the Philippines involving a transnational corporation and discuss how a developmental activist state can correct this unjust market structure. (20 points)
  3. Define supply-side economics.  Identify its advantages and disadvantages, and provide your commentary.  Discuss also its applicability/ inapplicability to the Philippine condition. (30 points)
  4. Cite the features of a social market economy and contrast it with other economic systems.  Discuss its applicability/inapplicability to the Philippine condition using the political economy approach. (30 points)
  5. Define corporate-driven green economy.  Provide a critique using the arguments of the Third World Network, Ibon Foundation and Kalilasan-PNE (20 points)
  6. Cite provisions in the 1987 Philippine Constitution that promote or retard national development.  Substantiate with facts and figures using economic data from NCSB, NEDA, BSP, PIDS, Ibon Foundation and the Philippine Congress. (30 points)
  7. In a tabular matrix format (3 columns), present the nature and extent of Philippine economic problems, their causes and the proposed corrective measures (economic reforms) discussed by Economist Gerardo Sicat in the Macroeconomic Issues and Challenges article.  Based on it, identify the economic philosophy that influences his analysis. (30 points)