Thursday, November 15, 2012

agenda (Nov, 16, 20, 21) - updated

  • NSTP - urban studies overview (cont.), outline submission (2nd batch; follow up)
  • DS 100A - 1st long test, outline submission
  • DS 100B - 1st long test
  • DS 123 - Anthropology of Health overview
  • NSTP - 1st long exam (social change), locational map submission
  • DS 100A - 2nd long exam (What is Development by Sumner and Tribe, Meanings of Development by Carada, Alternative Development Theories by Satake)
  • DS 100B - 2nd long exam (What is Development, Meanings of Development, Alternative Development Theories), outline submission (last 2 readings)
  • DS 112 - 1st long exam (Development Deadlock by Kunda Dixit), instructional video submission
    The End of History (Babat, R. Reyes, Yap, Manalo)
    Shock Doctrine (Yambao, Baladad)
    The Lexus and the Olive Tree (Obleno, Balingit, Diestro)
    Clash of Civilization (Renticruz, Dabalos, Masesar, Garvida)
    Open World (Alejo, Buenaventura, Del Rosario, Pilarta)
    No Logo (Bunao, Doctor, Gavino, Lucas)
    The World is Flat (Abrenica, Alcaidem Arboneda, Reyes)
    Globalization and Its Discontent (Velasco, Sigue, orlanda)
    The End of Poverty (Villarin, Raymundo, Macalalag)