Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Agenda (Jan 11) Study and research well

  • NSTP - 2nd round of project proposal defense; submission of group project deliverables; Critical Social Science tanaga submission; 10 urban studies definition of terms submission
  • DS 100A - test (coverage: postmodernism and the 12 hand-outs about the politics of inequality); submission of your sociological cartoon about poverty in US
  • DS 100B - same as the previous section
  • DS 123 - reporting by pair about health statistics; submission of the optional integration paper (health-related articles posted at and
  • DS 112 - submission of your 2nd dagli based on any article posted at and your sociological cartoon about "realism vs. idealism in international relations" - to be collected by Madam Marge Sigue at 10 am tomorrow