Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Freshiies, welcome to the Development Studies Program!

First and foremost, congratulations for making it in UP and welcome to the Development Studies Program!

As a backgrounder, Development Studies is a multidisciplinary course that integrates the study of economics, politics, culture, and management in
- analyzing Philippine and Third world development and underdevelopment (dualistic society)
- planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects and programs
- providing policy alternatives related to socio-economic and politico-administrative development in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade, governance, health, law, environment, foreign affairs, development research and  media, among others

In simple terms, we will study and analyze "the process of development" and "who benefits in the process".  The Development Studies Program possesses an inherent bias in favor of the marginalized and, as such, it aspires for a brand of development that is rights-based and empowering.

Development Studies, as I always say,  is the epitome of what Oblation actually stands for. The course enables its students to learn with the people through community integration and engages them in the theory and practice of development. The course, therefore, is imperative to any country that aspires for economic growth and equity for its people.

The degree program adopts a set of varied and effective teaching modalities to facilitate critical  and dynamic learning process among its students such as field work, educational trip, seminar-workshop, cultural presentation, audio-visual production and other alternative classroom learning experience (ACLE) to complement the traditional approaches to education.

Graduates of Development Studies are able to establish careers in government agencies, legislative bodies, foreign service, international and local development-oriented NGOs, community and advocacy work, research institutions, academe, media, and financial institutions, among others.  The course also serves as a preparatory to law and medicine, as evidenced by the numerous alumni who pursued careers in the legal and health professions.

For now, maximize and enjoy your university life.  You are in good hands with Kuya Miguel Deanon as your FBC coordinator and the DevSoc, headed by Ate Rebecca Renticruz, as your academic organization.  They will acquaint you with the survival skills in DevStud, so to speak. Profs Simbulan, Mesina, Arcilla, Legaspi and I will serve as your academic advisers throughout your stay in the course. Your resident and alumni kuyas and ates in DevStud will be equally willing to assist you in your academic journey.  And most importantly, develop a sense of mutual support and concern among your blockmates.

Optimize every opportunity to learn in UP and  take advantage of every avenue to contribute to the process of meaningful social change.

All the best and see you all on our first NSTP session!