Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Survey: What makes a good reader? (Part 1)

- "discerning" - Prof. Fatima Castillo, Political Science Program

- "skeptical" - Mr. Yfur Fernandez, GMA News and Current Affairs

- "One who applies the good and positive things that he/she read from a book and one who understands what he/she has read."  - Prof. Jerome Ong, Area Studies Department

- "A good reader is a discerning reader.  Someone who doesn't simply reads and understands but someone who reads and can react using fair judgment, common sense and good sensibility to what he reads." - Directress Cherry Dator, Twin Hearts Child Care Learning Center

- "One who intensely mines and sincerely minds what he reads" - Dr. Leonardo Estacio, Behavioral Sciences Department

- "Curiosity and an obsession to be better informed than everyone else by regarding reading as a competitive form of entertainment." - Atty. Ishmael Khan, Supreme Court

- "A good reader is someone who takes time to be critical, to be critical even of critics." - Mr. Dino Pineda, The Philippine Star