Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Survey: What makes a good reader? (Part 2)

- "A good reader is sensitive about the author's biases and intentions. This applies to reading news articles, history books and even showbiz features." - Ms. Ivory Galang, Philippine Institute of Development Studies

- "Ginagamit ang natutunan sa nabasa at iminumulat ang iba ukol dito." - Mr. Miguel Deanon, Development Studies sophomore

- "A good and avid reader is someone interested  in a variety of topics and has read quite a number of books, become so engrossed in the material being read as if he/she is part of the story as it unfolds, is not easily persuaded by the opinion of the author but makes critical comments of what has been read, yet becomes passionate with what he/she read.  Most importantly, he/she finds time to read despite busy schedule that you'd normally find him/her in book shops than in vanity stores and he/she finds reading as a form of relaxation than a chore to fulfill.  A good reader also has a vivid imagination of what he/she reads, feels the emotion that the author conveys in the material, but can also disagree with the author's opinion contrary to his/her own.  Most importantly, when he/she puts down the book, there is a feeling of fulfillment.  Reading is a nourishment for the soul. a good reader always have a feeling of being transformed by the books he/she reads."  - Prof. Andrea Martinez, Behavioral Sciences Department

- "A good reader is one who has a genuine interest in reading and widening his/her mental horizon and can comprehend and process information efficiently and, above all, be able to apply the lessons learned to make a positive difference in life." - Mr. Aurelio Isaac Doctor, Development Studies senior

- "A good reader has a great imagination.  He/she also admits what he doesn't understand and consults a dictionary whenever possible." - Prof.Shayne Garcia, Organizational Communication Program