Friday, March 07, 2014

Random points

- I lost my DBP ATM.  I think I misplaced it somewhere at the CAS campus. #help
- Assert the redemocratization of UP institutions and processes. #enough
- Complicating simple concepts is a sign of weakness and insecurity. #wasteofbraincells
- Teaching is converting complex ideas to simple ones, not the other way around and not to the point of oversimplification. #wasteofeffort
- I admire the very strong bond fostered by the DS majors across all year levels. #feels #tambayangmaysaysay
- The remaining days of the semester is very crucial in determining the academic standing of students in my classes.  #bigpush
- I will surely miss the graduating batch of DS. Hangad ko ang inyong tagumpay sa lahat ng larangan ng buhay. #claimit