Monday, September 15, 2014

Development Studies Week 2014

Theme: Globalization and (Under)development
13-17 October 2014

Tentative line up of activities
Praxis Exhibit Opening (Monday morning)
Deglobalization Exhibit Opening (Monday morning)
Women, Militarization and Globalization Forum (Monday afternoon)
Tatak DevStud Quiz Bee and Speech Competition (Tuesday morning)
Debate on Globalization Policies (Tuesday afternoon)
Public Forum featuring Political Economist Michel Chossudovsky (Wednesday afternoon)
ARTernatibo - theme: globalization of poverty (Thursday afternoon)
            Freshies (Africa) | Sophies (Asia)  | Juniors (Latin America)
Praxis Practicum Conference (Friday wholeday)
Urban Poor Round Table Discussion (Thursday or Wednesday morning)
Globalization of Mining Forum (Thursday or Wednesday morning)
Jhaypee Naco's Development Studies mini-book shop (weeklong)
IBON Bookshop (weeklong)