Friday, February 13, 2015

DS 100 pasabog (individual output)

Based on the definitions provided in the previous post, apply the concept of problematizing to the following topics. Choose one but only a maximum of two students can share with a particular topic.
hermit kingdom
food fortification
polluter pay principle
infallibility of the pope
business cycle
environmental determinism
culture of poverty
medical missions
outcome-based education
climate science
global competitiveness
liberal feminism
deep ecology
middle kingdom
management by objectives
ceteris paribus
rational choice theory
parliamentary struggle
environmental aid
PAASCU accreditation
performance-based bonus
departmental examinations
international poverty summits
poverty surveys

(encoded, English, one page only, front page only of a short bond paper, single spacing, 12 points, TNR, due this Tuesday, research and conceptualize well, mahuli...taya)