Friday, February 13, 2015

Econ 116 political economy of tourism glossary

- Follow the prescribed size.
- Provide a cover page which includes a title (your own creative title) and a subtitle of "Political Economy of Tourism".  
- Include a table of contents (TOC).
- Follow this format:
(enter the first concept) (indicate if its a term in macroeconomics, international economics or sociology)
e.g. Tourist gaze (Anthropology)
Definition: (enter definition)
Application: (enter application)
- Do additional research to improve and enrich the content of your glossary.
- Edit the entries very well.
- Provide appropriate photos, icons, caricatures, editorial cartoons, and comic strips, among others.
- Cite your references.
- Include a contributors' profile.
- EXCLUDE the name of your groupmate in the list if he/she did not cooperate in producing this output.

Due this Tuesday.