Friday, February 27, 2015

DS 112 (2nd triangulation matrix)

Nacpil and friends - health imperialism
Dayandante and friends - migrant health
Deanon and friends - health worker's health
Umengan and friends - Islam and health
Basco and friends - maternal health
Billones and friends - health and Marxism
Caranay and friends - health social movements
Antonio and friends - indigenous people's health
Buan and friends - health social sciences

- Work on your group's assigned topic.
- Gather four sources based on your topic of choice (2 academic journals, 1 book chapter and 1 feature article)
- Exercise due prudence in choosing your sources.
- Develop a matrix that will compare and contrast the materials based on 20 considerations/factors.
- Consider this as a preliminary training in triangulation and document analysis.
- Observe this format (landscape, TNR, 10 points, single spacing)
- Adopt a five-column matrix with the first column  allotted to the set of considerations/factors upon which you will base your comparison and contrast, and the rest of the columns for the four gathered references.
- Provide a separate page for your group's critical analysis.
- Bear in mind this system of grading: matrix 50% and analysis 50%.
- For additional credit, consider submitting a painting about your assigned topic using social realism as an approach.

This output which is equivalent to your second long exam is due on Tuesday.