Friday, February 27, 2015

NSTP deliverables this Tuesday morning

Produce seven bookmarks that will feature a quote from each of following scholar-activists:
- Vandana Shiva
- Richard Falk
- Michel Chossudovsky
- Michael Todaro
- Renato Constantino
- Edberto Villegas
- Bienvenido Lumbera

- Research well.  Read first about the profiles of these scholar-activists before going through and choosing a passage from their written outputs.
- Observe our no duplication policy.  You may use your existing FB group or yahoogroup to track the list of taken quotations to avoid unnecessary duplication.
- Be creative and informative in producing your outputs.  Eyesore is not creativity. You know what I mean by this.  It is up to you to adopt a common design or use multiple styles in creating your bookmarks. Bookmarks may be handwritten/hand-drawn or computer generated. Chosen outputs will be featured in the DSS bulletin board and in an exhibit in the upcoming DSS Week.
- Put them together in a paper bundle where you will indicate your name. No need to write your name on the bookmark.