Saturday, February 21, 2015

Talapapagan* in DS 100 (updated)

- Form a study group with 5-6 members. On a random basis, expect me to join some of your study sessions.
- Assign a group coordinator/facilitator. Set a venue and schedule.  Agree on a format that will guide your discussion. Bringing baon is optional.
- Consider this as an extension of your classroom learning.
- Discuss all enumerated topics in the previous task which required you to apply problematizing skills in various social theories and issues.  This will also serve as your review in preparation for an upcoming long exam about problematizing.
- Assign someone from the group to document the proceedings (note taking).
- Optimize your opportunity to share and learn by joining several study groups.
- Accomplish this task within the campus during your vacant periods.

*talapapagan = talakayan sa papag