Friday, February 20, 2015

Tuesday deliverables (no duplication)

DS 100 - digest of any article about innovation and technology
DS 112 - digest of any article about global health
Econ 116 - digest of any article about Asian political economy
Thesis - digest of any article closely or somewhat related to your thesis
NSTP - digest of any about education

Digest/Reviewer instructions:
Prepare a digest/reviewer about your chosen article.
Focus on the relevant insights. Be sure that you fully comprehend what you input in the reviewer/digest.
Observe bullet points in sentence format.
Use TNR 8 points as font.
Observe single spacing to save on space.
Bolden or underline important terms and phrases for emphasis.
Observe this sample title format: The Urban Village by Carlo Ratti, et. al. (outlined by Pamoso)
Print your reviewer in the front page of a 1/4 sheet long bond paper (print 2 copies).