Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ACLE on DSS Week (updated)

The Philippines, ASEAN and the Big Powers
featuring Prof Roland G. Simbulan
Full Professor, Development Studies and Public Management
21 April 2015
1-4 PM

National anthem - AVP c/o Ms Pau Guiyab (practicum AVP)
Opening remarks - Bea Karamihan
Introduction of the resource speaker - Ms Camille Dumalaog
Lecture proper - Prof Roland Simbulan
Intermission - Ms Diane Lopez (Pinggan)
Faculty reactor - Prof Sharon Caringal
Student reactor - Ms Daniella Reyes
Open forum
Awarding of the certificate of appreciation c/o Ms Guiyab
Closing remarks - Prof Reginald Vallejos
Emcees - Ms Donna Dumalaog and Ms Meryl Avenido
LCD, cord, sound system and room reservation - Ms Pat Basco and Mr Renzo Ramirez
Poster - Mr Jomer Allerite
RTR - Ms Pat Basco, Ms Pau Guiyab, Ms Kim Pajinag and Ms Trishia Franco
Overall coordinator - Ms Pau Guiyab