Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Friday assignment (intended for the DSS Week exhibit)

- Choose and download an appropriate poster or photo from online sources about your section's assigned topic.
- Choose photos which are clear, substantive, recognizable, critical and attention-getting.
- Research well.
- Observe the no duplication policy among your classmates.
- Indicate the source in the lower right corner of the print-out (font size 5, Arial Narrow)
- Follow this format (1/4 sheet of a short bond paper, colored, 2 copies, no need to indicate your name)
- Paste the two copies in a back-to-back layout. Do not forget to add a padding (e.g. used folder or thin carton) to make it more  durable.
- Laminate both sides with a scotch tape. Do it neatly.
- Inform your classmates.
- Submit it on April 10.

DS 100 - globalization from below
DS 112 - anti-IMF/anti-WB/anti-WTO
Econ 116 - alterglobalization
DS 199.2 - anti-US war of aggression
NSTP - anti-US imperialism