Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My favorite parts of "Liwanag at Dilim"

- Direk Jen's final reminders
- my conversations with Bianca Aljibe during the presentation
- seeing the technical team in full force
- Paolo Ricaforte and his typical antagonist role
- GAHUMuseo
- Prof Saqueton
- National Artist Aquino
- Best child actress - Ms Feliciano
- Mediatization of diseases sabayang pagbigkas
- Jian's PPTs
- Monday's hypnotized mode
- Marketization of education symbolisms
- Shadow play
- Bailon and Sim's unlimited selfie scenes
- Manong mangingisda
- Kala's singing prowess
- The call to action "Tayo ang lilikha ng kasaysayan" or something to that effect
- and Mr Bruel's very critical role