Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday agenda

DS 100 - final exam (http://jk22b.blogspot.com/2015/05/ds-100-battle-friday.html); multilevel sentence outline submission (selected students only); mini-flipchart presentation to assigned listeners; consolidated globalization glossary
Final exam grouping
Black - Allerite, Daez, Fabella, Majarreis, Dayrit
White - Andrade, Feliciano, Manahan, Pineda
Green - Aquino, Charmaine, Ferrancol, Manio
Blue - Besana, Arada, Gante, Marin, Buhat
Red - Celestino, Reena, Guban, Martinez
Yellow - Cuya, Doropan, Lim, Mendoza
Purple - Mojica, Munoz, Murillo, Nalus
Orange - Ocbina, Olmo, Pamoso, Punzalan
Gray - Tison, Valdez, Villatura, Virtucio

Coverage: Todaro glossary, Economic growth and poverty reduction glossary, Segovia environmental crisis glossary, Development theories, Theoretical frameworks of my thesis advisees, consolidated globalization glossary

DS 112 - group demonstration (5 responsible members per group, no duplication of topics, 5 minutes per group, provide props and costumes, research and rehearse well)
72-hour kit
Triangle of life
Community CPR
Stroke recognition
Train safety
Summer diseases according to DOH
Urban survival

Econ 116 - long exam about human resource recruitment and financial literacy; arrive on time

Thesis - thesis submission (2 hard bound, 3 CD), exchange gift, thesis infographics, thesis tips submission, and class card distribution